Licensed Realtor

Cleveland is a super hot market right now! I have had the pleasure of investing in off-market properties here for the last several years and I have had a great experience. Now, I’ve partnered up with the best brokerage in the country, EXP Realty!! This gives me the oportunity to also assist sellers in the Akron/Cleveland area as well as retail buyers. I look forward to assisting you! Click below to submit your information.

INTERNACHI Certified Home Inspector

Buying a home is such a huge decision, and home buying process can often feel intimidating. As a buyer you can take comfort in knowing there are certain provisions that can help you protect your purchase.​

Real Estate Investing Education

Most all of the millionaires you know today have generated at least some of their wealth via Real Estate. Many times, we think that without lots of money and great credit there is no hope for us to invest. However, I am living proof that is not true and I enjoy helping others discover the great possibilities Real Estate Investing offers. If you want to discuss your specific situation and create a plan of action click below to schedule your personal live video consultation complete with recording and call notes.

This is cleveland!

From industrial giants, to wealthy businessman, and community heroes, Cleveland has a very rich history. More than 1.5 million people call Cleveland their home, and with the progression of several areas, the Land is positioning itself as a premier MidWest city! In the last few years, there has been consistent growth in the Real Estate Market leading to an influx of investor buyer activity. The inventory has gotten tight in the city so if you are interested in low entry cost and solid return rates, let’s connect and get you started now!

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