I’m Proud of Me Dammit!!

Today is the fifth day out of five days that I have written a blog and dammit I’m proud of myself! There is a super dope lesson that I learned and I hope you can take away that same lesson. 

 I do real estate primarily and so the tech aspect of things are a lot of times a challenge for me, so my Twitter homie Nick and I committed to doing 5 blogs in 5 days as a way for me to get comfortable writing and publishing blogs regularly. Just last week I had never written a blog and now I have 5 under my belt! 


These blogs that I’ve written over the last few days are probably not the best blogs,  but it is my start, and these blogs will live forever! In 10 years, people will be reading these and realizing  that I started blogging10 years ago!  Can you imagine how much better at blogging I will be in 10 years!!

it’s the same thing with real estate or any other thing that you want to do… CONSISTENCY is the key! The consistency you display today will pay off for years to come….I have been marketing and working in the real estate business years before any of you ever found out about me.

Consistency is what has helped me to become an expert in my field. 

Staying down till you come up will have you reaping the benefits for life!

You don’t have to have it all figured out right now just start!

If you’re looking at wholesaling, you don’t have to totally understand every piece of the process just start marketing!

The lesson is action overrides everything! 

If you are taking massive consistent action, success is inevitable! it’s like a Nike said just do it Take the pressure off and just commit to staying consistent till it pays off!

Put a plan together to be consistent with what you say you want knowing that everything you need is already inside of you, so ACTIVATE IT!!!

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