How To Optimize Your Social Media As A New Real Estate Investor

 OK! Someone has to say it… how come you say you want to be a real estate investor but when I go to your page all I see is NutraBurst promotion or you flipping the bird?! 

If you are planning on really building a business and having longevity, you ronline presence has to match up with who you say you are. 

You may not think it’s a big deal, but it is…your social sites have the potential to be viewed by millions of people, and if they land on your site, you need to be ready. 

You can’t say you are a Real Estate Investor but I don’t see anything about RE on your page….like what???

 Especially when you’re new, it’s important to have a cohesive digital footprint.

Check these four quick tips to help you optimize your social media as a new investor… 

#1: Profile/Bio: No vulgar pics or anything that would confuse a visitor about who you are and what you do. Be sure to include your city or the market you service in your Bio.

#2: Consistency: Do not have gaps in posting…you say you’re an active investor but your last post is 6 months ago…stay updated! Don’t be afraid to SAY THE SAME THING ALL THE TIME! 

If you scroll back thru my social media pages, you will see the same message throughout…”Save to Invest…Invest for Cashflow, Passive Income, Financial Freedom, Wholesaling, etc etc etc… I haven’t been switching back and forth between industries or changing up my investing principles…I’m consistent and it lends to being viewed as an expert.

#3: Reach out & Connect: Be friendly! It’s social media…the point is to interact and engage in order to grow your network. At a point in my IG career every time I got a new follower I would send them a message thanking them for the follow and introducing myself and the services I provide. It worked tremendously! It boosted my engagement because people knew off top that I was a real person and I explained what I was about, so if you were remotely interested in Cleveland or Real Estate Investing, chances are you were going to engage on my page. Don’t be afraid to connect…the internet has made the world small, its important to have contacts across the world, you never know where your next lead or deal is coming from.

 Like, Share, Comment! 

#4: Educate at your own level: Focus on sharing your  OWN story and your experiences no matter what phase you’re in. You don’t have to be an expert to have an audience, there are more people starting out than there are people who have it figured out. Just like with me and the Blogging journey, I’m totally new to it, and I told yal that! LOL…I’m not on here trying to act like I have it all together…NO!…I’m taking action and figuring it out as I go…my cousins can relate to that! 

I can’t tell you how many deals I get like laid at my feet via my social media sites. Everyday my inboxes are flooded with people who want to sell and people who want to buy….why?!

Because alot of these people have been watching me online for the last 2-3 yrs and they have seen my growth and how what tf I say works! So they tell people they know…”Oh yea Cousin Nita is in Cleveland, hit her up” It wasn’t always like that, it has taken years of following the tips I mentioned above and taking constant massive action! 

If you plan to be in business forever then you have time to set yourself up right!!

When you have your profile together, tag me so I can follow and share

This is a picture of an assignment agreement I posted 3yrs ago on my Instagram…Can you scroll back 3yrs and still have the same message on your socials?!!

I’m not new to it, I’M TRUE TO IT!

1 thought on “How To Optimize Your Social Media As A New Real Estate Investor”

  1. This is amazing I struggle with opening up on social media for my business. When I first started wholesaling I would post deals and get mad because I only got likes but no buyers from it (had to find them another way).

    My perspective should have been totally different….hey you live and learn. I plan on rebranding and will put these steps in action once I start over.

    Thank you for always sharing!

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