Investing in
Real Estate
the Cleveland Way

Helping create happy and healthy neighborhoods in the city of Cleveland thru Urban Real Estate Development and Education.

What I Do.

I Invest.

I used the wholesaling strategy to start my investing journey, and since, I have built a portfolio of cash-flowing properties in Cleveland, and now I help other investors do the same! 

I Inspect.

I’m an INTERNACHI certified Home Inspector for the state of Ohio. I offer residential Home Inspection services for buyers in the Akron/Cleveland area. 

I Educate.

I’ve been investing in Real Estate for close to 10 years, and experience has been my best teacher. I enjoy educating other investors and helping them cut their learning curve. I offer Real Estate training on Wholesaling, Home Inspections, Real Estate Marketing, the Cleveland Real Estate Market, and more!

My Story

My name is Nita or affectionately “Cousin Nita.”

 I’m a real estate investor and educator  specializing in wholesaling and portfolio building in Cleveland, OH. #TheLand

I got my start in real estate with the now super popular strategy, wholesaling.

The year was 2011, I was scrolling the internet when I saw a black man from Baltimore talking about flipping houses NO CASH or CREDIT! I was immediately bit by the real estate bug and I started my journey in this industry.

I have been blessed to have a great deal of success with real estate and other related businesses.I have a heart for the city of Cleveland and the residents, it has always been my goal to help create safe, happy, and healthy neighborhoods for the people of the city. As I started automating and scaling my business, it led to acquiring rental properties which feeds my ultimate goal of….CASHFLOW!

Today, I am continuing to build my own cash-flowing real estate portfolio in Cleveland, while also helping other investors do the same! I enjoy helping other young black people get into the real estate game and experience growth! I know what it’s like to start and build it from the ground up on your own back! 

In my spare time I enjoy reading books, traveling, and dining out.

I am a minimilist, I am simple yet complex.



My Courses & Education

If you are serious about your Real Estate Investing career, it will require an investment of time and money.  I use my almost 10 years of experience to assist new and experienced investors take their busines to the next level!

Do You Want To Buy Property In Cleveland?

From industrial giants, to wealthy businessman, and community heroes, Cleveland has a very rich history. More than 1.5 million people call Cleveland their home, and with the progression of several areas, the Land is positioning itself as a premier MidWest city! In the last few years, there has been consistent growth in the Real Estate Market leading to an influx of investor buyer activity.

The inventory has gotten tight in the city so if you are interested in low entry cost and solid return rates, let’s connect and get you started now!


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